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Soon the "Maverick Entrepreneur" webtv and cable TV show. will launch on the "New Maverick Network' on youtube at , and, as well as on major national TV networks.

The Maverick Entreprenur Show

Features will include:

  • How to start your home or small business with little or no money

  • New business ideas

  • Insider business information

  • Small business resources (many free)

  • Articles by expert business authors

  • News on timely and important issues that affect your business

  • Current business affairs and news

  • New UNBIASED product reviews

  • ScamWatch protecting you from current business sharks and "Guru's" full of false promises, offering rehashed junk as business opportunities.

  • Entrepreneur interviews of real world successful small businesspersons, in a down-to-earth, non-technical format.

  • Small business infrastructure - Incorporate or not to incorporate, that is the question. And we have the answers.

  • IBC (International Business Consortium), our private paid membership program for serious growth minded entrepreneur


The major problem with most "Start you business" websites is they are to general. For example, suppose you want to be a published writer. You won't derive much benefit from watching a show on how to start a internet hosting company. We have established specific departments that focus on different primary business opportunities.


Our curret exclusive departments are:

  • Self-publishing, from creation to market with 0 investment, and everything you'll need to know to reach a successful project conclusion.

    • Kindle

    • Paperback

    • eBooks

    • Software

  • Using Ghost writers and MRR (Master Resale Rights) products

  • New Product Development

  • How to setup and operate a business in the USA while living in a foreign land - Also Expatriate business ownership for Americans

  • Business startups for Americans

    • Tricks of the trade

    • Insider techniques

    • Latest software and support equipment

    • Legal structure - corporations, LLC, General Partnerships, and sole proprietorships made simple (and for minimal expense)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • IBC (International Business Consortium), our exclusive paid membership group, will prove to be one of your major networking and business resources.  Members will interface with a select group of international entrepreneurs and low cost products and resources.

We will serve as a one-stop small business center with "Certified IBC ("International Business Consortium Consultants") Consultants, in numerous foreign lands serving as their countries local guides and tech-support services to IBC Members. IBC is the Stanford Trade Center's (STC) Exclusive Private Membership Club for International small businesspersons and will prove to be the premier small business resource center.






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